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Superjail! Comic to be in December "Playboy" magazine

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only bosomy female to be found in the pages of Playboy‘s January issue: Alice is in there too. The Warden, Jared, the Twins, the Doctor, Jacknife, and Jailbot are all in the magazine as well, but unlike Lindsay, none of the Superjail characters are naked. Instead, they are featured in a six-page comic written and drawn by Superjail creator Christy Karacas. While this is technically considered the “January/February 2012″ issue, the issue is being released early in response to Lohan’s Playboy spread leaking online, and should be available next week.

The comic ends with this message:

"Be sure to watch season 3 of SUPERJAIL! This spring on [ADULT SWIM]!"

An exact date has yet to be announced for the start of the new season, but this at least narrows it down to the spring.

Superjail Season 2 on DVD: March 13, 2012

Get a double-dose of crime and punishment this March when Adult Swim and Warner Home Video bring Superjail! Season 2 to DVD. That’s right! Superjail!’s infamous inmates are once again getting released from solitary and slammed back into the general population. What is The Warden thinking?! It means twice the insanity and double the crazy in the most brutally twisted jail ever built! Superjail! Season 2 contains all 10 episodes that are fueled by the classic violence and unimaginable acts of insanity that fans have come to love about this hysterical series. In addition, the DVD boasts loads of bonus features including a live, 10 song concert from Cheeseburger - the party rock band behind the Superjail! theme song - as well as a Cheeseburger animated music video, episode commentary and more! Arriving at retail on March 13, 2012, the Superjail! Season 2 DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $19.97.

Built in an active volcano, Superjail! is made up of dangerous criminals, fantastic creatures, and a prison warden who has gone bonkers over the years with his crazy mechanisms and irrational schemes. The infamous complex routinely has riots and murders, and while the criminals of Superjail! may escape time to time, their horrible crimes eventually bring them back. Created by Christy Karacas (Cartoon Sushi, Robotomy) and Stephen Warbrick (Beavis and Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch), and produced at Titmouse Studios in NY, the series uses flash animation to create traditional animation gags that move at a dizzying pace. During its second season, Superjail! ranked #1 in its timeslot among adults and men 18-24 and adults 18-34, and was a top 10 show among adults and men 18-24, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Adult Swim will support the release of Superjail! Season 2 with a consumer marketing campaign targeting fans of the show and the network. Thirty-second television ads will be featured on Adult Swim, while online advertisements will also be featured on as well as other appropriate, fan-targeted online sites.

Superjail! Season 2
DVD SRP: $19.97
Street Date: March 13, 2012
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Feature Running Time: Approximately 110 minutes


Adult Swim Central: Superjail at NYCC 2011

More news on the panel from from NYCC:

A third season is confirmed. It is currently in production and should be airing some time in 2012. Some of the questions concerned episodes and characters, as well as music. When asked whether or not more music from Christy Karacas’ band, Cheeseburger would be featured, Karacas was unsure. He said they’d have to make a new album first. Crofford plugged their last album, available on They promised more of the gay couple in season 3, which the crowd was glad to hear, and spoke about trying to balance the psychedelic visuals in the show with story in season 3. They all felt that season 2 sacrificed a lot of the cool, psychedelic stuff season 1 had to story, and they’re trying to cut equal bits for season 3 so that it turns out more balanced come time to air. They also spoke about the apocalyptic ending to season 1 and how it was initially planned so that it could serve the purpose of a series or a season finale– and it worked out as a decent two-parter when they began season 2.

The cool things at the panel were, of course, not limited to what the people up at the microphones and table brought to show everyone. A man came to the panel dressed in an enormous Master Shake costume and went up to ask a question. When he reached the mic, he had no question, but a comment to the Superjail! staff: “next year, I’m gonna be Jailbot.” A Jacknife cosplayer on the line a few people behind him suddenly jumped in fear and ran away to hide at the back of the panel room. NYCC 2011 report


There’s a little of the info I transcribed from the KMiTV video interviews, but also other things. It seems there were two panels, and Chris McCulloch attended the second one.

The article’s quite a read, but here are some highlights. Calvin has an interview with Karacas and Warbrick on the way too. I also feel a bit tempted to warn a little for some gore, though those not into the show probably won’t have to see it (it’s one animated gif in the article)

- Season 3 will give more importance to certain inmates, with episodes for Ash, Jean, and Paul planned.

- The special episode was actually “Gay Wedding” without sound, as James Sugrue (a season 2 animator) did his own impressions of the voices. Well, now that makes sense and we know what to expect. A season 3 episode would still be in a very rough stage, actually just the scripts at this point (though I wonder if the deleted “Wurbuxx” sequence will get shown anywhere). I’ve edited one of my last linking posts with this clarification, so no one else gets their hopes up for mysterious new footage that’s not yet in existence.

- The Warden “is not quite human”, and they haven’t revealed all about him yet. McCulloch says that they don’t want to spoil his mystery.

- A half-hour Superjail! isn’t possible.

- Season 2 DVD has commentaries, more animatics, and some animation tests.

- Two scripts are done for season 3.

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